What can I expect during the claims process?

While each claim is different in its complexity, there are some basic things that will happen.  We will investigate the claim, which will include obtaining the police report, a recorded and/or written statement from the driver of your vehicle, and other information that may be deemed necessary to fully understand the particulars of your claim and determine coverage.

Our claim handling process may include:  obtaining an appraisal of your damages, verification of ownership, lienholder and lien information, actual cash value, documentation for any item being claimed, and additional confirmation/clarification of the facts of loss.

How do I get the damage to my vehicle assessed?

We will assign an appraiser to contact you and arrange inspection of your vehicle, unless we advise you otherwise.  Please have a repair shop in mind before the inspection takes place.  If you do not have a repair shop in mind, the appraiser may be able to suggest a local repair shop to you.

How will payment be issued for my damages?

Once we have the estimate uploaded to the file, we will evaluate the loss and prepare documents for you to sign and have notarized prior to returning to our office.  If you have a lien holder on the vehicle, your check will be made payable to both you and your shop of choice or to you and your lienholder.  If you do not have a lienholder on the vehicle, payment may be issued directly to you for the damages.  Payments for damages may also be made directly to the repair shop of your choice.

To whom do I pay my deductible?

You will owe your deductible to the shop of your choice and will generally need to pay that to the shop when the repairs are completed.

The accident is not my fault, what happens now?

If the results of the investigation show that you are not at fault, Insurance Program Administrators, Inc. will work diligently to recover the settlement from the at fault party.  Your deductible will be reimbursed if a full recovery is received from the at fault party and or their carrier.  Please note that not all collection efforts are successful.  If we are unsuccessful in recovering the money paid out on the claim, we will be unable to reimburse your deductible.

What if additional repairs are necessary after settlement is concluded?

In the event that a supplement to the original estimate becomes necessary, the shop should contact the field appraiser and provide their requested supplement estimate.  This will trigger the appraiser to work with the shop and IPA to obtain approval for payment.  No supplemental repairs should be made or parts ordered before IPA and it’s field appraiser have authorized the supplemental invoice.  No supplements are deemed approved until reviewed and authorized by IPA.

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Need to report a claim?

Click the button or contact a representative to report your claim.  Please see FAQ’s to learn about our claims process and what to expect.  If you need to file a glass claim,  please call IPA at (866) 257-7364.

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