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What is a third party administrator? Good question, we get that a lot. A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a person or organization that processes claims and performs other administrative services in accordance with a service contract, usually in the field of employee benefits. So basically, when you have a claim after an accident, you give us a call (or come in, we’d love to see ya) and we’ll take care of it for you. It’s as easy as that! Here is what we promise to provide for you:

  • 1
    • First
    • to the Insured, we promise to pay all valid claims promptly, fairly and efficiently.

  • 2
    • Second,
    • to Underwriters/insurers, to provide accurate and timely claim administration data and services at a fair price.  And, mitigate every claim by aggressively pursuing subrogation against responsible third parties and obtaining maximum salvage when applicable.

  • 3
    • Third,
    • to the Agent/Coverholder, to provide accurate and timely claim information to promptly underwrite and re-underwrite their risks.  We will provide the above services and reflect the best possible image on the agents, coverholder and carrier to the insured for continued satisfaction and growth.

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Need to report a claim?

Click the button or contact a representative to report your claim.  Please see FAQ’s to learn about our claims process and what to expect.  If you need to file a glass claim, please call IPA at (866) 257-7364.

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